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The “Snowball Effect” Artist

Kathleen Erin Chandler, better known as Kat, is an eclectic abstract artist that finds fun ways to make snake shed, bone and feathers into art. With 20 snakes, Kat wondered what to do with the sheds. She couldn’t just throw them away, so she made them into multiple forms of art. From canvas to bracelets and charms, this artist has a way with including southern culture into her vision. 

Kat describes herself as a “Snowball Effect” Artist. “If I try something new it leads to about 20 different styles or different looks”. This rings true as the gallery is now graced with many different styles of her art pieces. Once friends noticed what Kat could do with such a medium, they started to bring her pieces to taxidermy. With the support of the reptile community in West Virginia, where she resided for the better part of 2 decades, she decided to continue with her unique and edgy art. 

Growing up on a horse farm in Ohio, Kat is no stranger to nature or animals. Knowing that she has lived on both sides of the country, as well as visited out of the country, you may ask yourself why Kat decided to move to the Yadkin Valley? Well, after her mother moved here, and her children were old enough, she decided to plant herself. “I moved down here to be closer to [my mom] and my sister”, states Kat. 

Kat believes the locals are the heart and soul of the Yadkin Valley, and we couldn’t agree more. “Whether it is music, food, art, any local business is the heart and soul.” Kat beautifully ends with “I pour my heart and soul into my art and I’m excited and blessed to share it with the valley.” 

Come to heArt & Soul of the Yadkin Valley to witness and connect with the amazing art of Kat Chandler.