Like most artists Chef Pat Meyer of Elkin is enthusiastic about her creations.

“It’s a passion and a love and apparently I do it well,” laughed Chef Pat, preparing to practice her skills for a heArt & Soul of the Yadkin Valley dinner.  Featuring her favorite food style, the Korean meal touched the nose long before it satisfied the taste buds that still water at the mere memory of the meal. 

Although influenced by her ex-husband’s Korean roots, it is her future husband who currently impacts her cooking.  “He’s my worst critic and my best cheerleader,” shared Chef Pat with a smile that showed the joy that goes into each meal.

In contrast to the tense mess of TV cooking shows, Chef Pat’s kitchen runs on sunshine and smiles and an efficiency that makes her welcome in a variety of settings. “Skies the limit,” stated Chef Pat describing her variety of experience which has included cooking all meals during a family vacation, to intimate dinners for two, or precisely-timed business events.

“It can be a very nice meal for you where you have all these things done, you get served your meal, and then you can just relax,” described Chef Pat explaining an extended plan available which can include everything from grocery shopping to cleaning up afterwards, “and then the kitchen is cleaned up and the fairy has come and left.”

Chef Pat is also available to help with holidays and children’s events. “A lot of times a kid’s parents are busy,” described Chef Pat who has 3 adult children herself.  “They’re trying to wrangle the kids. They’re trying to get the food. How nice it is to have somebody else flip the burgers and dogs on the grill and get the cake stuff together so you can actually enjoy your friends, enjoy your kids?”

As a Farm-to-Fork Ambassador, Chef Pat’s meals are usually more healthy for the local economy as well as guests.  “I’m trying to use more items from around Elkin,” explained Chef Pat.  “I want to support our local community, our local farmers that work so hard. (I’d like to) be able to show people that we have these great resources here!”

Supporting local is important although she acknowledges that sometimes it’s not always practical.  “Yes, you can get a couple things cheaper maybe at Walmart or Food Lion,” admitted Chef Pat, “but couple it with the better quality things that our farmers are growing or even our little shops.  If we want to keep those little sweet shops, we’ve got to support them.”

Quality is as important to Chef Pat as community.  “I love being able to go out on the farms and seeing where the food comes from,” enthused Chef Pat.  “Having that connection with the farmers and knowing that they are proud of what they’re producing. They’ve got happy piggies. They’ve got happy goats and happy chickens.”

The farms also have an encounter that, like Chef Pat’s cooking, is truly sensational.  “I love going to their freezers and going, ‘I want this and I like this,’ and it is a difference.  Just the look, the feel, the taste of the meats alone. Even some of the vegetables. The textures are different. The smell is different.”

So is every experience which is why this Serve Safe Manager Certified chef sits down with each client to discuss in detail their needs.  “We’ll sit down and talk likes and dislikes, any food allergies, budget, and contracts so you know you’ve hired me for this job.   I’m going to do this for you.”  This also allows Chef Pat to discuss the various rates she has for the different services she offers.

Chef Pat is eager to get back into the kitchen more regularly after taking time during COVID to perfect bread techniques learned from apprenticing at The Reeves Café where she recently performed as Head Chef.  “NC Food Fix LLC is alive and well and in Elkin now,” declared Chef Pat.  “It feels good. I’ve enjoyed all the fun things so far for heArt & Soul and I can’t wait for this weekend. That’s going to be fun, too.  I’m just ready to be in the kitchen and play. It’s where I’m happiest.”

You can help keep Chef Pat happy by calling heArt & Soul of the Yadkin Valley Gallery at 336-258-2177 to schedule her to create your fantasy meal.