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Experience Teaches Teacher

Susan Pasch-Traphill Studios

Although Susan Pasch has been known to experiment with different mediums it is oil pencil on old sheet metal where she feels most comfortable recording her artistic reflections.

“I describe my art as classical rendering from observation or from photographs,” stated Susan who displays several of her pieces on the historic property that is a part of Traphill Studios.  Located in the foothills of the Appalachians this Kenosha, WI native has not been limited by location.

“Taking workshops at places like Penland, Hickory Museum of Art, Wilkes Art Gallery, and the Art of Living Retreat Center have had a great influence on me,” described the West Wilkes High School art teacher who likes to continue to learn as well as instruct.  “Travel is really the best education.”

Among Susan’s influential travels was a trip to Russia and Plein Aire painting in Tuscany.  This pinnacle experience has complemented her position as a board member with the Foothills Arts Center which has recently started a Plein Air painting plan.

“A Crizmac workshop in New Mexico (was) fabulous too,” recalled Susan.  The Crizmac program exposes art teachers to indigenous methods and mediums allowing them to incorporate diversity into their classrooms as well as their own creations.

Although Susan explores other forms it is the drawings on metal inspired by another North Carolina artist that she most enjoys working on.  “Line is one of my favorite elements of art,” explained Susan.  “The gray of the metal creates a medium value and a challenge is to create all the highlights and darker values.  I think it’s the perfect background for vintage images.”

It is this ability to observe that makes Susan’s art truly unique.  “I like to really look at things and then interpret them in different mediums,” elaborated Susan who equates her being with her creativity.

“I have always been an artist,” stated Susan.  “Art has always been who I am. It’s part of my soul.”

Discover what bits of Susan’s soul has been left at the heArt & Soul of the Yadkin Valley gallery in historic downtown Elkin where guests can also sign up for popup dinners held at Traphill Studios.