Beth Sumner-Wall is the Queen Mother of heArt & Soul of the Yadkin Valley serving by example.  Implementing ideas is where Beth thrives on extending her abilities to organize resources and market products from basic business consulting to cultivating creativity.  Recognizing the plethora of creators in the region, Beth has gathered artists of varying mediums together, including Mediums, using her skills as a business consultant and life coach as well as experience as a gallery owner to create an environment that promotes the arts and culture of the region both in its history as well as future.  Allowing artists to create instead of trying to run a business and nurturing the natural spirituality evolving, Beth has combined her skills with those of others to not only market individuals and ideas, but the area as well. Her position as Chair of the Main Street Advisory Board and board member of the Foothills Arts Council have served to increase her ability to meet the needs of heArt & Soul of the Yadkin Valley and the community.

Instead of traveling the world with his operatic skills, Antonio Delgadillo brings the beauty of his voice and spirit to the heArt & Soul team as a Tour Guide and Kindness Warrior.  Although Antonio‚Äôs rich voice enhances the tours he leads, it is his willingness to jump in and give assistance wherever needed whether it be sharing a song, providing perspective, or guiding guests through the doorways of time and space as well as storied locations that makes him a true talent.  The genuine generosity Antonio provides by assisting with events as well as tours is matched only by his community contributions such as performing for various churches and with the Foothills Theatre.

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