Reiki healing is now available at the gallery!

Kimberly Lackey is a North Carolina native from Wilkes County and has lived in the Elkin area since 2010. After twenty years of service to the state of North Carolina, she retired and now works part-time as an online Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor. 

Interested in Reiki since 1995, she purchased a copy of “Hands of Light, Healing Through the Human Energy Field” from a bookstore in Columbia, Missouri. That book sparked the journey that lead her where she is today as a Level III Reiki Master and owner of Healing Light Services, LLC.

After personally experienced healing with Reiki after a surgery, she knew she wanted to be a Reiki practitioner sometime in the future. 

She received Reiki training from the North Carolina Reiki Training Center in Asheville. A level three Reiki Master, she is excited to share this life-changing practice with you. 

Visit her website at to schedule an appointment.