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Death Becomes Us All 

It might not be the first thing you want to bring up at family dinner, but you should definitely discuss it because no one avoids death.  Even if those who have been sheltered will eventually have to face the loss of those who are protecting them.  Unless they themselves move on to The Next Great Adventure.

Trying to figure out how to deal with your own mortality is its own special challenge and modern medicine makes that more likely as we learn to prolong life.  Age is, however, no guarantee, and no matter if it comes quickly by surprise or as an expected friend, death is still difficult for those who are left behind.

People sometimes talk about making things easier on those left behind, but how many do anything about it?  Death is more than the loss of a loved one and processing the emotions involved.  It’s also practical things like who gets what, who is in charge of distributing items, and who even has access.  It’s also what preferences are when it comes to saying goodbye.

Mourningstar Ministries knows it can be difficult to figure out how to have such conversations.  As well as guiding individuals through end-of-life concerns for themselves, we also hold group sessions to teach how to be more comfortable having conversations about final wishes with family and friends.

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