July Is HOT


I’m just not even going to bother to tell you how influential the recent cycle has been.  You should just start with the AstroForecast then hold onto your seat for this amazing journey!

Wine Watch: Grassy Creek

There’s just no keeping up with the explosion of inspiration going on at the heArt & Soul of the Yadkin Valley.  In addition to our regular features including the Wine Watch about Grassy Creek Vineyard and the Artist Spotlight highlighting Madeleine Watt who is truly dear to our hearts and souls, with tales only gallery visitors are privy to we also have new and exciting activities.

Artist Spotlight: Madeleine Watt

And by “activities” I mean spiritual activity.  Have you been on the Haunted Elkin Trail yet?  One of our stops is becoming known for the paranormal activity (and the adult popsicles that are ‘to die for’ in the summer) as well as readings and support at heArt & Soul.  We’re booking up quicker than expected so make sure you reserve your time as one of our premier supporters. 

WTF IS This Stone For? Sea Jasper

If you don’t think you have time for a consultation there’s always guidance and recommendations through Death Becomes Us All and Poems, Prayers and Potential.  The knowledge dropped through WTF Is This Stone? is as entertaining as educational and I’m never quite sure if the next month’s Sales are to bring in new friends or to share some knowledge with old ones.

Poems, Prayers & Potential
Death Becomes Us All

Really though, you should make it a point to come visit the gallery at 113 East Main Street in Elkin while we still have the time to visit because, my friends, this is just a small explosion of how freaking hot we are becoming….

August Sales

Important Dates: Click here for a calendar of upcoming events and activities at the heArt & Soul of the Yadkin Valley gallery.

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