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Watt A Heart

Madeleine Watt

Heart is the center of heArt & Soul of the Yadkin Valley Gallery and July’s Artist Spotlight is on an individual who displays plenty in her process as well as her pieces. 

Madeleine Watt of Cashier’s, North Carolina never had any doubt that she was an artists.  “I just always knew,” she explained during a retreat in Asheville.  “I decided I wanted to draw so I picked up a crayon and I drew.”

Madeleine may have started with a crayon, but it didn’t end there.  “I use all kinds of things,” described Madeleine displaying a variety of content now available at the heArt & Soul gallery which included unusual photography techniques as well as painting and drawing.

“For this one I used a special process to develop the photo, but not on regular photo paper,” said Madeleine clarifying her technique for several specific pieces.  These mixed-media art are individually colored by Madeleine with pencil, highlighting the original photo in a way that could not be accomplished with digital editing. 

Learning about the process stirred excitement in other guests as well bringing out the natural teacher in Madeleine who has almost as many decades as an art instructor as an artist.  “I love working with Special Needs students,” smiled Madeleine recalling a family member who inspired her to include the specialized teaching in her education as well as a variety of artistic techniques.  She is not limited by those degrees, however.

“Sometimes I find something on YouTube and I try it,” confided Madeleine who have never stopped learning as well as teaching.

“Sometimes we think we make mistakes,” smiled Madeleine describing a specific watercolor technique she uses with her Exceptional students, “but when we add the water and just see how it expands and becomes this beautiful painting, we learn that there’s beauty in everything.”

Discover the beauty of this sensitive artist at 113 East Main Street in downtown Elkin, North Carolina at the heArt & Soul of the Yadkin Valley gallery.