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It’s Cancer season

and we are still affected by the energy of July 13 when the full moon appeared at 21 degrees Capricorn. Cancer is all about family, nurturing and creature comforts and ambitious Capricorn does its due diligence. We may be looking at family security at this time. Financial, physical, or health (including and especially mental health). Many have been or are traveling this month. 

Uranus was in the perfect position in Taurus to beam silvery beams to the full moon and send a big surprise as he does. This will bring a wonderful development, quite out of the blue. While it is true that with Uranus things could go either way, and you can never guess what will come up, this time Uranus was so beautifully positioned toward the Sun and full moon, I can only imagine that things should go very well for you.

Mars has been in Aries, making life very busy. Mars will move to Taurus on July 5 and stay until August 20. Mars can bring so much energy to where it is in your chart that you can experience strife from time to time. Still, the universe feels it’s good to bring things to the surface so you can talk them out and clear the air. It’s often through a team or collaborative effort that the best work can be created, as each person contributes their expertise that the others do not possess.

This month, you need to watch to see what happens on July 31-August 1 when high energy Mars conjoins surprise-a-minute Uranus. Normally this could be a jarring event, but not this month. I am thinking you will love the unexpected events. This aspect could be felt a week before or a week later.

The reason I feel you will like the news on July 31 is that both Mars and Uranus will contact gentle Venus in the sweetest possible way. Now it is true that Mars and Uranus will clash with Mercury, and Mercury is the planet of news, so you might be momentarily rattled by the news, but I think you can find a way to turn the tables and have things work for you.

Our biggest moment is likely to be a new moon at the end of the month, July 28, in Leo at 6 degrees. A new moon will almost always open a door wide—often a door that has been previously locked and now you can walk through.

This new moon is so exciting because Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, will send a direct beam to the Sun and new moon in Leo. Wow! With the new moon is Leo, if you work in entertainment or one of the creative arts, such as music, art, design, film, photography, or the like, you will be especially positioned to receive Jupiter’s abundant rewards. This could be big and change (or adjust) the trajectory of your life. I love this new moon!

Pluto will oppose the Sun and new moon, so maneuvering things to get them “just so” and pleasing to you will take some finesse. Despite the competition or resistance of some (not all) of the VIPs you encounter. Jupiter is in conversation with the Sun and new moon, so you would rise to the top of the pecking order. You may want to get your outfit lined up in case you get your chance to grab the brass ring. 

Venus moves into water sign Cancer from July 17 to August 11. With Venus in Cancer, we are likely to desire comfort. Our idea of luxury will be the fluffiest pillow and our favorite spot on the couch. Sensuality and intimacy may find itself in the form of comfort foods and family game nights rather than a fancy dinner.

We also have Neptune in Pisces providing a steady stream of inspiration. Venus is the planet of love, but Neptune is the higher octave of Venus. Get this—Venus and Neptune will be in divine trine on the weekend of August 6-7. That should be an enchanting weekend worthy of a grand plan to enjoy it. Check out our video for more information about what to expect as we head into Leo season!