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For those of us that can’t help it if we’re too hot this summer

50% off Peppermint Essential Oil

Many of us have been traveling this summer and it’s really been hotter than 40 Phukets! Peppermint oil eases overheating with its cooling properties and powerful scent. Place a few drops in a spray bottle with water, shake well and spritz on your feet to instantly cool you from the tips of your toes on up. It is refreshing and energizing.

Peppermint Essential Oil relaxes tense muscles and muscle spasms and eases painful 

menstrual cramps. Often used to help ease headaches, sinus congestion, sore muscles and joints, peppermint essential oil has a penetrating, minty aroma that assists in relieving both mental and physical fatigue. Add to a massage blend for digestive problems and flatulence. Dilute in carrier oil of choice and rub into temples and neck. Alternatively, use this in a diffuser or aromatherapy inhaler without diluting! 

Peppermint is soothing in a footbath after a long day on your feet. Just one drop on a handkerchief is stimulating during travel and it’s great in a car diffuser for long trips. With these long days of summer, we tend to naturally run a little longer. Peppermint eo can help keep you going. Best used during the day, as its energizing effect may keep you awake at night. 

Can cause skin irritation. Do not use Peppermint essential oil when pregnant.