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Demo’s Art Loft Brings Variety

Geoffrey J. Walker

One of the most versatile artists in the heArt & Soul of the Yadkin Valley gallery, Geoffrey J. Walker of Demo’s Art Loft fame, works in several mediums.  Most known for his pen & ink drawings including those featured in the Father’s Day window at the Gallery, Geoffrey also works in acrylics, watercolors, graphite and spray paint. 

Not limited to paper and canvas, he also has several etched glass pieces currently available at the gallery.  “They are made from recycled glass shelves,” explained the gentle giant known for his kindness to the earth as well as local children.  In addition to assisting the Yadkin Valley Community School with an art program, Geoffrey has also served the community by producing art for the Downtown Elkin Business Association Cruise-in previous to the pandemic.

“I asked him if he would be interested and gave him an idea of what we wanted and in about a half hour he came back with three different designs, any of which we could have used,” described John Cheek of Dirty Joe’s Coffee Shop who was the DEBA President at the time.

It was his attention to detail that led the DEBA to request Geoffrey’s assistance with the cruise-in project which can be seen in the multiple classic car drawings at the heArt & Soul gallery.  Another a favorite for Dad’s den are inked liquor silhouettes that exhibit unexpected elegance.

Just as unexpected is the dedication Geoffrey has to other forms of art including a video game that has allowed him to explore other mediums.  “I like to explore art while working on other things not art related,” explained Geoffrey who has used ceramics to create some of the characters from the game.  “I’m still working on it,” stated the individual who often takes time out to assist others.

Pick out a piece of Geoffrey’s work to take home with you by visiting the heArt & Soul of the Yadkin Valley Gallery in downtown Elkin.