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Ah. Cancer season and Saturn retrograde

Cancer season 2022 kicks off on June 21, when The Sun enters sentimental Cancer ushering in a new cosmic vibe. Each year, this season coincides with the Summer Solstice, marking the first day of summer and the longest day of the year. This marks a new beginning and is the perfect time to get out in nature and connect with the elements.

Water sign Cancer is known to be more emotional, empathic, and sensitive. This Cancer season in particular is dynamic and contains some of the juiciest astrological events in 2022, as we’ll experience Mercury and Venus changing zodiac signs along with a bevy of other intense planetary interactions. 

Cancer season 2022 starts off on June 21 with the Moon in Aries meeting Chiron, the wounded healer, also in Aries. No surprise – we’re in our feelings and reflecting deeper on our past pains. This is a triggering and activating time, and a cosmic reminder to be gentle with yourself. 

You deserve a little extra nurturing and pampering under these moonbeams. A few days later on June 28, an important date in the Moon calendar 2022, as the New Moon in Cancer arrives, sparking an inner sense of renewal. This is after the June Full Moon 2022 – which was a supermoon.

The New Moon will be angling toward lucky Jupiter, inspiring us to plant seeds about future opportunities. This is a cosmically aligned time to write a letter to the Universe (in present tense, as if it already is) and call in your desires.

As we enter July, there’s a dash of confusion. On July 2, Mercury, the planet of the mind, forms a chaotic square with Neptune, the planet of illusion. Words and ideas are murky today. This is fertile ground for misunderstandings and it’s best to try your best to not take things personally. 

We’re not privy to the entire picture. The mood shifts on July 8 and we’re feeling more encouraged to share big ideas. We’re confronted face to face with some of our emotional baggage on July 8 as the sun, our identity, has a challenging conversation with Chiron. Cancer season 2022 is all about expressing the emotional residue that lives within our bodies. You will be rewarded for speaking your truth and honoring what’s coming up for you during this time.

There’s an encouraging connection between the sun and Uranus on July 10. Today ideas strike and we’re encouraged to try something new. A little bit of rebellious energy can lead to positive outcomes. Relationships come into question on July 13, as Venus forms a harsh angle to Neptune, the planet of deception. This is a day where we may want to opt for wearing our rose-colored glasses and choose to actively avoid red flags. If you haven’t checked out your 2022 horoscope in a while, it might be a good idea to take a look again.

Miscommunication and disappointments can take place within our closest one-on-one relationships so if you need time to tend to your wounds, give it to yourself. A major sense of clarity arrives a few days later on July 16 and we feel like we’re finally able to see things with a fresh set of eyes. Mercury and the sun meet at the same spot in the sky, in the sign of Cancer, which brings mental clarity and intuitive downloads. Our intuition and psychic senses are working overtime today. The following day on July 17, Venus, the planet of love, also enters sweet and romantic Cancer. On the same day the sun and Mercury form a supportive connection with Neptune. This blend of energy is incredibly healing and restorative.

We’re tapping into our creative spark and inner romantic. This is a romantic day for sure, so if you’re swiping–consider swiping right! A powerful message arrives on July 18 as Mercury in Cancer forms an opposition with Pluto in Capricorn. As these two standoff with one another across the sky, the information we receive may push our comfort zone and trigger us in some way. Part of our repressed darkness or secrets are poking their heads out from under our bed. Power struggles can ensue under this energy, so be mindful of being too domineering or giving your power away too easily.

Mercury, the planet of communication, enters gregarious Leo on July 19. Our mental world gets a little more theatrical and dramatic. We are the star of the show and we’re making this known through our communication style and storytelling. On the same day, the sun stands off with power planet Pluto, bringing up themes and conversations from the day prior when Mercury danced with Pluto. This energy can feel overwhelming and it may make you lean on reactive behaviors. Do your best to reflect before responding to what’s coming up. Pluto uncovers layers of our subconscious and it will take time for the dust to settle. The sun leaves Cancer on July 22, as Leo season begins.

For the most accurate reading, look at your Sun sign, Moon sign, or Rising sign according to your astrology birth chart, to learn more about what pivotal moments Cancer season has in store for you.