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Death Becomes Us All 

Have you ever thought about why we celebrate holidays?  Sure, on the surface we recognize that each one has a specific theme and intent, but what’s the point of celebrating them the way that we do?  Particularly here in the United States we often gather with friends and family, establishing a rhythm to our lives and a tradition of beliefs.

We are approaching one of the few U.S. holidays that most citizens can agree on.  We might not agree on how it should be celebrated, however it’s difficult to find someone who doesn’t agree that to celebrate the birth of the nation is itself a good thing.  The how is especially important, not because we need to debate the impact of fireworks or whether a BBQ is hotdogs and hamburgers.

The importance of how holidays are celebrated is reflected in the generations present.  Is this an activity the group does every year, or maybe a certain food that MUST be present, and why?  Why is the family going to the beach every year?  What are the stories behind these activities and traditions?

Holidays are never just another day, especially in the lives of children.  When we have moved on to The Next Great Adventure, the children we leave behind will fall back on memories of those celebrations.  Each year they will reignite merely because of the calendar.

Now that you are aware of the memories you are about to create, go out there and make the most of them.

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