“May” we introduce heArt & Soul

Artist Spotlight: Caroline Noel Beverly

Welcome to the heArt & Soul of the Yadkin Valley Newsletter!

There is a lot going on at heArt & Soul and we wanted to give you another way to keep up with it all.  Social media is great and you can find us on all of them by clicking the link to your favorite forum or by letting us know if you don’t see one you use.  We’re happy to add it into our list of quick update sources, but the real stories are here or at the Gallery at 113 East Main Street in Elkin, North Carolina.  Since not everyone can make it in person, we’ll give you a few highlights right here! 

June Sales

I’m so glad you found us!  We’ve been looking forward to your visit at heArt & Soul of the Yadkin Valley.  I’m Beanie, your Fairy GuideMother on this journey, and I’d like to introduce you to some of the experiences you are about to have. 

Wine Watch: Carolina Heritage

Let’s start with what’s new at the gallery.  Every time I walk in it feels fresh and exciting.  In addition to the monthly video you see in our newsletter you can find more videos at https://tiktok.com/heArtandSoulYV.  You’ll also find an introductory letter from me, but it’s our Artist Feature that I’m really excited about.  So many of our artists use a variety of mediums that it’s hard to not learn something.  This month, we feature Caroline Noel Beverley and her new solo release that highlights some of the fun history of the area.

WTF Is This Stone For?

One of the fun things about our region is the vast variety of wineries and vineyards.  Wine Watch will tell you about what we’re currently serving samples of in the tasting room at the heArt & Soul of the Yadkin Valley gallery.  This month we explore a nearby certified organic winery where they make one of my personal favorites.  

Death Becomes Us All

I’m also excited about the opportunity to educate and enlighten through heArt & Soul of the Yadkin Valley.  Even our June Sale shares information thanks to Sapphire Essentials.  Astro Forecast will give insight on the way the heavens impact us. WTF Is This Stone For? explains rose quartz and Death Becomes Us All opens up discussions about that final transition.  Don’t forget to click on the links to find out more!

Poems, Prayers & Potential

As we look into the depths of the human experience we find one of the greatest gifts of this existence: art.  Through art we get to explore history and heartache, mysteries of sight and sound and sensitivity.  We taste the now and the then and what might yet become, which is why we add a little Poems, Prayers & Potential into our mix: All art deserves an ode to its beauty and there’s a lot of inspiration to be found at the heArt & Soul of the Yadkin Valley.

Each month we welcome you on this magnificent journey.  Pay attention so you can keep up, for certainly there are great discoveries ahead…..


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