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We have a full moon lunar eclipse May 15-16 in Scorpio. This eclipse is the second in a series of 3 eclipses. Eclipses remove that which is no longer working for us. Full moons are a spotlight in that area of our life that the moon is giving attention. Prepare for a bit of a shakeup as things are removed to make space for something better. This may appear painful, but you will be happier as the end result. 

May 21st will have us sailing into the heavenly waters of Gemini. Communication is likely to pick up in this chatty sign, but as its ruler, Mercury, continues its retrograde period, we should be careful of miscommunication, misrepresentation and jumping to conclusions. While Mercury retrogrades, it is ill-advised to make any major purchases (or decisions). If possible, wait to sign contracts. If that is not possible, be certain to read all contracts thoroughly. Read the fine print and ask for clarification if there is any uncertainty. Respond clearly and submit any information three ways to insure its receipt. 

What’s good to do while Mercury retrogrades? Pick up unfinished projects, clean out your closets, reorganize, review work again and again, recycle, renew, reactivate, regroup, rethink, reconsider, RE, RE, RE… And, believe it or not, take a vacation. Just remember to go with the flow and know that travel plans, like any plans, are subject to change. Keep this in mind and remember that it’s just as easy to get upgraded as it is to get canceled in Mercury retrograde. Bon Voyage!