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Death Becomes Us All 

Whether it is the end of a life, a dream, a relationship we all experience loss, but that doesn’t make it the end of the world.  Learning how to live life is the best way to respect death and all the transitions this world offers.  Turning blemishes into blessings is just a start to change your perspective on transitions.

Transitions tend to be difficult for humans whether it is entering or leaving this existence, or merely moving from one space to another.  Relationships change in as much as spaces change, as do the ideologies that lead us to them.  Change is inevitable.

And while we cannot always be prepared for every possibility, including the way we respond to them, we can take care of probabilities and learn to appreciate the realities.  There are basic legal and physical requirements with some transitions which, when previously attended can alleviate a great deal of emotional turmoil.

Many people think in terms of some practicalities such as wills, prenuptial agreements and even ceremonies to honor expected milestones.  Honoring and acknowledging a transition is only one part of acceptance which is the first step in learning how to live without leaving a mess behind.  That mess might be the family and friends who are also processing your divorce, or they might be your children and grandchildren who are learning to dead with your death, or it might even be you as you move from childhood into a new responsibility.  Each transition carries its own grief as well as joy.

For while it is well to acknowledge the pain of loss, it is also important to look for the hope in the possibilities.  From learning to be more present in the moment in order to secure the most beneficial memories, to anticipating challenges and the resources needed, this is a space where together we will explore how to do just a little bit better with our time. 

For no matter how we live our life, we each come to a certain end.  While we may not be able to dictate the circumstances in which we may find ourselves remembered, we can make an effort to be becoming to those who beheld us.

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