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October 2022 began with six major planets in retrograde including – Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Moving through the month, Mercury, Pluto, and Saturn will all station direct, moving things forward and beginning a new cycle of planetary energy.

October 9th brought a remarkably healing, but perhaps also confronting Full Moon in Aries. Many of us are still feeling the effects of that moon and then we’ve been launched right into Eclipse Season.

Eclipse Season is always a highly transformative time. October 25th marks the first eclipse of the season is a Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse. The second eclipse of the season is a Full Moon Eclipse in the sign of Taurus. This eclipse won’t manifest until November 8, but we will begin to feel it during the month of October.

Eclipses represent opportunities to elevate on our soul path and soul evolution. They tend to bring major events that can jumpstart our soul to level up to the next chapter.

We have been working with this particular cycle of Eclipses since November 2021. Since then, we have had two more Eclipses in this series which fell in April and May of 2022. Under this October-November Eclipse cycle, we could very well see a common thread or theme emerging from these times.

The Sun shifts Scorpio on October 23rd. Leaving social Libra behind, this energy shift can draw our energy inward to the root of our thought patterns and habitual behaviors. Scorpio Season can make us extra sensitive, but the more in tune we become, the greater our awareness, our perception, and our understanding. We may experience a breakthrough in understanding why we operate the way we do. We may even have an ah-ha moment that guides us to make changes considerable in our lives. 

Then, on October 30th Mars, the planet of action, energy, and motivation goes retrograde. We are challenged to think about how we are spending our energy and to consider what drives our motivation. We may also have to look back at past actions and how those actions may be helping or harming us. Moving forward on new projects may feel as if we are walking through mud. This is a great time to review our processes and make adjustments for streamlining efficiency.

With Scorpio and eclipse season in full swing, get ready to hang on tight for the ride will likely have the steepest of highs and the deepest depths.

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