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Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil

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Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil is known to have strong antiseptic properties, and has a fresh, spicy fragrance. It blends well with Caraway, Clove, Myrtle, Nutmeg, and citrus oils

Description and Uses:

Cinnamon Leaf essential oil is warm and stimulating, making it a favorite to diffuse during the fall and winter seasons. A strong antiseptic, Cinnamon Leaf oil has a cleansing effect, as well as a lovely fragrance.


Supports Heart Wellness

Promotes Circulation

Comforts Respiration

Cleanses Skin

Balances Cravings


Supports Healthy Habits

Cautionary Tales:

It’s important to note that cinnamon is a very strong essential oil and should be used in small amounts. Cinnamon essential oil should be avoided during pregnancy. It is not recommended for sensitive skin. Known as a “hot” oil, it can cause skin irritation and moderate dermal toxicity. Avoid using it in baths.

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