Falling Into Change In September

Wine Watch: Carolina Heritage

The temperature matters slightly less than the date when I see that first leaf fall.  Like those who rush other holidays, I am anxious for Autumn when the weather gets crisp and it’s tough to stay indoors.  Not everyone feels that way and the influx of pumpkin spice during apple season is difficult to bear.

Chef Pat Meyer NC Food Fix

Fortunately, at heArt & Soul of the Yadkin Valley we’re able to take on both as we get ready for the Pumpkin Festival and all the exciting activities we’ll have at the gallery as well as an extra round of Apple Pie from Carolina Heritage.  Meet the new owners with us in Wine Watch or stop by the gallery to get a taste of fall in a glass.

The McNabbs are not the only new folks to meet in this edition of the newsletter.  We have so many artists at heArt & Soul that we’ve decided to feature two artists.  In addition to introducing Susan Pasch of Traphill Studios, we’d like to welcome Chef Pat Meyer of NC Food Fix.  Click here to find out more about these two artists teaming up for It’s All Greek To Me, a private Mediterranean dinner and amateur ghost hunt. Don’t forget to check out what’s Going On At The Gallery for the other exciting adventures at heArt & Soul.

October Sales Copaiba Oil
Susan Pasch Traphill Studios

In addition to learning about the people and their art this month we take a look at Green Aventurine and learn about Copaiba Oil before picking it up on sale through October.  Astroforecast reminds us that Mercury might be in retrograde, but that’s just a good time to prepare for Virgo season.  If you find it all too confusing stop by the gallery to schedule your personal chart during our recently extended business hours or join us at Fruition on the first Tuesday of each month for a short reading. 

We’ve also been learning that folks are thinking of winter celebrations even sooner than usual.  In addition to a culinary artist who can help feed the holiday hoards many of our artists are available for personal projects if one of the many unique items at 113 East Main Street in historic downtown Elkin doesn’t quite do it.  Make sure to stop in soon so you can get scheduled before everyone gets booked up.

WTF Is That Stone For? Green Aventurine

There’s always change at heArt & Soul and we can’t wait for you to stop in to see what’s new and exciting.

Important Dates: Click here for a calendar of upcoming events and activities at the heArt & Soul of the Yadkin Valley gallery.

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